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Why is steel the best choice for your next shed project?

Unmatched durability, cost-efficiency, and design flexibility; steel sheds offer numerous advantages over traditional building materials and with Kelly Steel, you are investing in a steel shed frame that will last.

Kelly Steel offers fast and efficient construction

Our Australian-made steel sheds take a fraction of the time to construct compared to traditional materials. Our skilled team can quickly assemble a steel shed frame with pre-manufactured off-site components. Depending on the complexity, a steel frame shed can be erected in days or weeks, significantly reducing construction time.

Plus, due to steel’s inherent strength, fewer materials are needed, reducing overall costs. Steel structures are lighter than concrete, requiring smaller foundations, further lowering construction and labour costs.

Want better lifecycle returns from your steel frame shed?

Steel’s low maintenance needs and longevity, especially when coated and painted, prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring they last for decades with minimal upkeep. Unlike wood, steel does not warp, rot, or suffer from pest infestations.

Modern steel construction technology also allows for various designs and sizes. With Kelly Steel, you can customise the exterior of steel frame sheds with various finishing materials to achieve the desired look. Steel’s flexibility enables architects to explore innovative designs, creating structures with segmented curves or free-form facades.

Ensure your safety with our steel's fire resistance

Extensive testing has shown that steel buildings are highly fire-resistant. This makes them a much safer option, especially in workshops where flammable materials are omnipresent.

As steel sheds are energy efficient, they retain temperature more effectively than traditional materials. In hot weather, steel sheds stay cooler, while in cold climates, insulated steel sheds maintain warmth, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Use the world's most recycled material

Steel is continually recycled, as it retains its strength and properties after recycling. Using steel reduces the need for natural resources, as a significant portion of new steel comes from recycled material. Steel sheds produce minimal waste and are an environmentally friendly choice.

Our Australian-made steel shed products

  • Steel Shed Frames
    Our steel shed frames provide a robust foundation, ensuring structural integrity and long-lasting performance.
  • Insulated Steel Sheds
    Our insulated steel sheds provide a comfortable environment, perfect for workshops or storing temperature-sensitive items.

Ready to invest in a high-quality steel shed?

Contact Kelly Steel today to discuss your project needs. Our team of experts is here to help you choose the perfect shed solution, ensuring you get a durable and reliable structure that meets your specific requirements.

Kelly Steel is committed to delivering the highest quality steel shed solutions available. Our team will ensure that your shed meets your needs. Choose us for your next shed project and experience the benefits of superior Australian-made steel construction.

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