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How structural steel is made

How Structural Steel Is Made

How is structural steel made? Structural steel production involves mixing iron, carbon and potentially other elements at extremely high temperatures.


Does structural steel rust

Does structural steel rust?

Does structural steel rust? The simple answer is yes. However, there are many ways that steel fabricators and others can prevent corrosion and ensure long-term durability of their steel.


Steel fabrication raw materials

Steel Fabrication Raw Materials

What are the raw materials that are used by steel fabricators like Kelly Steel? They vary from project to project and this blog will reveal the main materials required.


Can structural steel be recycled

Can structural steel be recycled?

Can structural steel be recycled? The simple answer is yes, which is why structural steel and Kelly Steel are playing their parts in a green future.


Is structural steel fire rated

Is Structural Steel Fire-Rated?

Structural steel is renowned for its strength and versatility in construction, but can it withstand an intense fire? Understanding the fire rating of structural steel is vital in ensuring the safety and resilience of buildings and infrastructures.


Steel Fabrication Australian Standards

Steel Fabrication Australian Standards

Meeting and surpassing the highest standards in steel fabrication is important to Kelly Steel and it’s vital to the people who use our projects.


Will structural steel produced today still be around in 100 years

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