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Steel framing is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for multi-dwelling construction due to its numerous advantages over traditional building materials. It provides exceptional durability and resistance to termites, borers, and corrosion, and our prefabricated steel frames are manufactured to precise specifications.

Unlike wood, steel does not warp, shrink, or creep, maintaining structural integrity over time. The strength of steel allows for creative and flexible design options such as large open spaces and easily adjustable non-load-bearing walls, perfect for modern multi-dwelling layouts.

Steel framing accelerates the construction process

Light weights and ease of assembly mean speed is a huge benefit in multi-dwelling projects, where time efficiency translates to cost savings and quicker project completions. Steel is an eco-friendly building material. It can be recycled and reused, reducing construction waste and contributing to sustainable building practices. Prefabrication processes also minimise onsite waste, making steel framing an environmentally responsible choice.

The role of steel in multi-dwelling construction

Multi-level buildings, such as residential towers, office blocks, and schools, are integral to urban landscapes. Steel’s critical role in these structures is undeniable, with over half the global steel production dedicated to buildings and infrastructure.

As urbanisation continues, steel’s importance in constructing energy-efficient, sustainable buildings grows. Kelly Steel offers a comprehensive range of steel products tailored for multi-dwelling construction. Our solutions ensure that your project benefits from the best steel offers.

Compatibility with the design and functionality of mixed-use structures

Steel building frames facilitate the compatibility of floor grids between different uses within a building, such as commercial, parking, and residential spaces. Kelly Steel employs a variety of steel building technologies, including:

  • Structural steel frames
  • Infill walling
  • Floor decking
  • Lightweight façade and roofing systems
  • Modular steel construction


These innovations ensure that our steel solutions meet the highest constructability, durability, and sustainability standards. At Kelly Steel, we ensure that all our products comply with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC references the NASH Standard—Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing Part 1 Design Criteria, ensuring our steel framing solutions meet the highest safety and performance standards.

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