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Steel Framing Is the Solution of Choice for Residential Construction in Australia

Kelly Steel’s reliable Australian-made steel supply for residential housing covers steel frame houses, modular homes, and much more. Our extensive range of steel solutions ensures your residential projects are built to last. The numerous benefits of our Australian-made steel make it ideal for building durable, sustainable, and efficient homes.

Durability and corrosion resistance

Steel frames offer excellent durability, especially regarding corrosion protection and resistance to termites and borers. With the introduction of aluminium/zinc alloy coatings like Zincalume® and TrueCore®, steel frames now have a two—to four-times longer lifespan than traditional galvanised products.

Our steel frames are fabricated and prefabricated in controlled environments, ensuring high-quality products with tight tolerances. Unlike traditional materials, steel does not warp or creep over time, resulting in a consistently reliable structure.

The strength and stiffness of steel framing allow for long-span trusses

Residential architects who work with our steel can design large, open spaces and easily relocate non-load-bearing walls. This flexibility is essential for creating modern, adaptable living spaces.

Lighter structural members and assemblies make steel framing quick and easy to construct. This speed is further enhanced in veneer construction, where load-bearing steel-framed walls are separate from the exterior cladding, reducing critical path tasks like bricklaying.

Steel framing is an environmentally friendly choice

Our steel can be reused or recycled when a building is demolished, and prefabrication processes typically result in less than 1% waste. Kelly Steel offers a comprehensive range of steel products tailored to residential construction needs. Whether you are building a traditional home, a modular home, or any other residential structure, we have the right steel solutions.

Steel Frame Houses

Our steel-frame houses are designed to provide strength, durability, and design flexibility. Choose from options like steel house framing, steel house stumps, and steel-framed houses to create a robust and lasting structure.

Modular Homes

Steel-frame modular homes and all-steel modular homes offer a modern solution for residential construction. These homes combine the benefits of steel framing with the efficiency of modular construction, resulting in high-quality, sustainable living spaces.

Steel Sheds and Garages

For additional residential structures, we offer a variety of steel sheds, including insulated steel sheds, steel shed frames, and steel garages. These products provide durable and versatile storage solutions for any residential property.

Portable Steel Buildings

Our portable steel buildings, including portable steel frame buildings, offer flexible and mobile solutions for residential needs. These structures are ideal for temporary housing, storage, or additional living space.

Compliance and standards

Kelly Steel ensures all our products comply with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) and the National Construction Code (NCC). The NCC references the NASH Standard – Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing Part 1 Design Criteria, which sets out the design criteria for steel framing in low-rise buildings, including houses.

Partner with Kelly Steel for your residential construction projects today

With our high-quality steel products, we have the right solutions to meet your project requirements. Explore our extensive range of steel solutions and discover how we can help you build durable, sustainable, and innovative homes.

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