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Powering the Future with Kelly Steel’s Solar Car Parks

Of all the projects we complete at Kelly Steel, our favourites include a mix of innovation and sustainability. Our steel supply for solar car parks tick this box, and as the demand for renewable energy solutions grows, we take pride in being at the forefront of providing the infrastructure. 

With a commitment to environmental consciousness and cutting-edge technology, Kelly Steel is your partner in driving the future of energy-efficient parking solutions.

The advantages of steel in solar car parks

Steel is the material of choice for solar car parks, offering a range of benefits that contribute to the success and efficiency of these sustainable projects:

Structural Integrity

Steel provides unmatched structural integrity, ensuring the stability and durability of your solar car park installation. This is crucial for supporting the weight of solar panels, especially in areas with varying weather conditions.

Versatility in Design

Steel’s versatility allows for innovative and customisable designs, catering to the unique requirements of each solar car park project. We can supply both ground-mounted systems and carport-style installations, each able to adapt to various design needs.

Efficient Installation

Kelly Steel’s prefabricated nature enables efficient and rapid installation, saving time and labour costs. This is particularly advantageous for solar car park projects where timely completion is essential.


Kelly Steel provides a sustainable and recyclable Australian-made material, aligning with the eco-friendly goals of solar car parks. Our steel’s recyclability ensures minimal environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for green energy initiatives.

Long-Term Durability

Solar car parks require materials that can withstand varying weather and time. Steel’s resistance to corrosion and wear ensures that the structure maintains its strength and functionality over the long term, providing a reliable solution for sustainable energy production.


Solar Car Parks suited to your industry

Integrating steel in solar car parks extends its benefits to various industries, contributing to the growth of renewable energy initiatives. Companies and enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint while providing sustainable parking solutions for employees and clients can enhance urban sustainability while promoting clean energy. 

Steel-based solar car parks meet environmental and energy efficiency goals, allowing you to embrace green energy solutions to create shaded parking areas while generating clean and renewable power.

The critical role steel plays in the success of solar car park projects

Our commitment goes beyond supplying high-quality steel; we are dedicated to partnering with you throughout the entire process, from project conceptualisation to installation.

Our services include:

  • Customised Design Solutions: Work with our expert team to create tailored designs that meet the specific requirements of your solar car park project.
  • High-Quality Steel Supply: Access a wide range of Australian-made steel products that meet industry standards and provide the structural support needed for solar car park installations.
  • Efficient Project Management: Benefit from our streamlined project management processes, ensuring timely delivery and installation of steel components.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Choose a partner committed to sustainability. Our steel supply for solar car parks aligns with eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener future.

Contact Kelly Steel today for your solar car park needs

Take the first step towards a sustainable and energy-efficient future with Kelly Steel. Contact us today to discuss your solar car park project requirements and see how we can collaborate to bring your project to life with the strength and sustainability of steel.

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