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Monash Solar Car Park


Capturing the sun

In December 2023, we were tasked with steel supply for the Monash Solar Car Park. The project required the coordination of coring holes and steel fabrication, with a primary goal of delivering 100 tonnes of purlin construction steel to the fourth level of the car park before the holiday break.

Project challenges:

  • Tight Timeline: The project demanded an ambitious timeline during a notoriously busy time of the year, necessitating efficient coordination across all stages of steel production and delivery.
  • Logistical Complexity: Transporting and lifting 100 tonnes of steel to the fourth level of the car park required precise logistical planning and execution.
  • Multifaceted Scope: The project involved coring of holes, project management, drafting, fabrication, and installation, adding a project management requirement to the overall operation.

Our approach

Kelly Steel implemented a project management strategy to streamline and oversee all project phases. This included planning, scheduling, and communication to ensure that each stage seamlessly transitioned into the next.

Recognising the logistical challenges, our team orchestrated the delivery of steel via ten trucks, with crane lifts used to reach the fourth level of the car park. As with all of our projects, rigorous quality control measures were implemented at every stage, ensuring that the final product met or exceeded industry standards.

The outcome

Despite the holiday wind-down, our team successfully delivered 100 tonnes of purlin construction steel within the stipulated timeframe, meeting the client’s pre-holiday break deadline.

Our reputation for reliability led to a happy client and a completed project that demonstrated our ability to handle complex, time-sensitive projects with efficiency and precision. The successful delivery within the tight timeline further solidified our position as a reliable partner in complex steel manufacturing and supply projects.

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